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Multi-SWAC Advanced
Multi-SWAC Advanced Product Details

1 Single User Licence(s) GB£200.00
Current Release
Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.24.1 - Full & Demo Download
(Runs in Demo Mode until registered.)
New Features and Improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes

  • Documents
    Multi-SWAC Advanced Getting Going Download
    Multi-SWAC Advanced Example Printouts Download

    Previous Releases
    Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.21.9 - Full & Demo Download
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.20.1 - Full & Demo Download
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.18.1 - Full & Demo Download
  • Banklink Import Format Update
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.17.1 - Full & Demo Download
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.16.10 - Full & Demo Download
  • Tax Rates now date dependent
  • Total Names are customisable
  • Auto checks for updates
  • Document auto-recovery
  • Column auto-widthing
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.15.9 - Full & Demo Download
  • Expand and Collapse Sections
  • On Screen Edit of Tax Rate
  • Improvements to User Interface
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.11.1 - Full & Demo Download
  • Update to import format
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.10.3 - Full & Demo Download
  • On Screen Editing
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.9.5 - Full & Demo Download
  • New View tabs, allowing multiple views of the cashflow
  • Xero import format added
  • New Note feature, allowing notes to be added to the cashflow
  • Ability to merge items
  • Ability to change an item type
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.8.5 - Full & Demo Download
  • Adjustment line for Investments and Loans
  • Ability to use Actual Tax Sales and Expenses when calculating Expected Payments and Refunds
  • Ability to use Actual Closing Balances for Expected Opening Balances
  • Multi-SWAC Advanced v1.0.1.2 - Full & Demo Download
  • Print margins
  • Enhanced page selection for printing
  • Can now set individual months as a percentage of income when editing an item
  • Can now enter percentages of prior year